Best #FOAMed Finds – August 2020 (2)

Let’s go….the best picks of the hard work everyone is doing!



We opened our ICU education portal!

We will be expanding this on a weekly basis with loads of new topics.

Best Papers


JAMA report this positive COVID trial.

Best from Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

Critical Care Reviews

Check out Critical Care Reviews Journal watch section for all you could ever need as regards the latest publications.

Click here

Also, book now to see the results of the latest trials January 20th-22nd! This would normally be at the Titanic, Belfast, if it weren’t for all of this COVID and social distancing malarkey…but Rob and the team are making it open access (registration TBA). It will be a must tune in!

Best Blogs!

Rapid scoping!

Clinical Question

  • In patients with acute upper GI (UGI) bleeding and a Glasgow-Blatchford score ≥ 12, does endoscopy performed within 6 hours of gastroenterological consultation, compared with endoscopy performed within 6 – 24 hours have a lower 30 day mortality?


Clinical Question

  • In patients with primary moderate-large spontaneous pneumothorax does conservative management compared to interventional treatment result in acceptable rates of lung re-expansion at 8 weeks
  • Acceptable was defined as complete lung re-expansion at 8 weeks in 90% of patients


The Mind the Bleep team take us through this topic.

All about flux!

Excellent work by the team at Critical Care Now! This is one of the reasons they are our website of the week!


Great stuff by Limmer Education

Best Infographics!

Social Media

Teresa Chan explains why we need to be careful what we take as read! Click the pic to go to her paper.


We demystify sodium!


Also check out the Curbsiders version…


Thanks to Manual of Medicine for this


When to bronch?!

Thanks to Austin Coye for this


All about flow!

Nice article about cannula from the IEM crew

Creative demyelination!

Excellent stuff as ever from Creative Med Doses!


Mark Ramzy graphics-up this trial via Rebel-EM.

Websites of the week!

A compendium of brilliance!

Neuroanatomy made so tasty!

Amazing images!



Rule out shenanigans after line placement!

Thanks to ScanFOAM

Hernia release under US!

Thanks to University of Michigan US for this

Aorta Ultrasound

POCUS101 as ever, making things so palatable!

Aorta Ultrasound Featured Image POCUS 101


Purvi Parwani shows us a heck of an apical image!

Hepatic waveform…or is it?

Best Videos!

Undifferentiated shock

Nephro-p takes us through this topic.

Best Tweetorials!

A shiny heart!

Get your views right!

Image of the week!

Pneumothorax in 3D

Thanks to Gopal Punjabi for this

Top Resources!

Abdominal Ultrasound Book

Really nice from

Until next time folks.


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