Senior Editor and CCN Founder

Dr Jonny Wilkinson

Consultant in ICU and Anaesthesia



Main interests…#FOAMed / Research / ITU / Medical emergencies / ECHO and clearly, blogging!


Hopefully this site should provide a very useful #FOAMed / #FOAMcc / #POCUS resource for anyone interested in all that is critical care! Most blog topics are written by me and constitute my opinions only, they are NOT the opinions of Northampton General Hospital itself

There are downloadable resources, how-to guides and many more things to keep you out of trouble.

Please note that the videos are links to some very hard work done by some amazing colleagues, direct from Youtube. They are not my work, but I wanted them on the site as they summarise things so beautifully. Please visit them and their sites. 

If you would like to contribute to this site, whoever you are and whatever grade you are, please email me:



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We are an ever growing team and I am proud to have the following Section Editors involved with me:

Senior Emergency Medicine Editor

Dr Tom Odbert


Tom is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Northampton General Hospital. He is a keen outdoor man…always flying about (quite literally as he gets up in the helicopter with HEMS too). An excellent clinician, great friend and true go-to person for anything! He is a massive POCUS advocate and teacher, running the Northampton POCUS Academy with myself!

Senior Regional Anaesthesia Editor

Dr Mahadevappa Lohit (Consultant in Anaesthesia)


Mahadevappa is a Consultant in Anaesthesia at Northampton General Hospital, with a specialist interest in Regional anaesthesia. A great friend…cricket mad! He has an interest in POCUS and is a great pair of hands!

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 15.11.49

Pharmacology Editor

Dr Paul Efthymiou (Trainee in Anaesthesia and ICM)


Paul is currently a Clinical Fellow in ICU / Social Media in Medicine / POCUS. He aspires to become a Consultant in Anaesthesia with special interest in POCUS.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 14.37.11.png


Emergency Medicine Editor

Dr Dan Weston


Dan is currently working on ITU and is an ACCS trainee (we are trying to convert him!) His aspires to become a Consultant in Accident and Emergency Medicine, with special interests in POCUS (of course). He was recently featured on Channel 4’s Confessions of a Junior Doctor programme. Episode possible still available here

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 14.51.18


Regional Anaesthesia Sub-Editor

Dr Bhavesh Raithatha

Bhavesh is a Senior Registrar in Anaesthesia and has a specialist interest in Regional anaesthesia. I suspect he also likes ITU, as he is always up helping out when the hospital is busy…i.e. most of the time!

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