Battle of the Portables – VScan SL by GE Healthcare

We've been busy again to bring you the fastest review of GE's new offering. The VScan SL probe is due to be released and we were lucky enough to get our hands on this fab device. Was it as good as its sister device, the VSCan Air? Take a look at our 3-person review. Dr... Continue Reading →

The Battle of the Portables – the Vscan Air!

Here, we are excited to bring you our 4 person review of GE's new wireless portable ultrasound device. I would like to thank wholeheartedly, some of my great friends and colleagues for taking all of their precious time out to review this device for us all. And what an experience base we have! Dr Ashley... Continue Reading →

The Final Battle – Portable Ultrasound Devices

So we tried them, we tested them, and we ran around the world with them! So which was the overall winner? Below you will find a summary of all of the reviews, then the winning device. If you click each image, you can go off to read the individual reviews. My presentation from the Critical... Continue Reading →

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