Pulmonary Valve

In SAX septal leaflet by AV and anterior leaflet is the other one.
In PRVI anterior nearest probe; posterior the other one. (RV on left and RA right of screen).
Has 3 papillary muscles one of which inserts into septum.

Tricuspid Stenosis

CW and PW

Peak velocity of inflow will give gradient across the valve but not part of BSE grading system.
VTI TV inflow gives the mean pressure gradient.
PHT TV inflow (measure downward slope E).

TV area = 190/ PHT


Tricuspid regurgitation

At least some TR is present in nearly all ventilated patients making estimation of RVSP and PASP feasible in most.


Extent and direction of jet.
Trace jet area in A4C.
VC in A4C.

CW and PW

Density and shape (parabolic or triangular early peaking) of trace.
Vmax (for RVSP).
PW hepatic vein (central best).


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