BALTI-2 – B2 agonists in prevention of ARDS

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Treatment with i.v. salbutamol early in the course of ARDS was poorly tolerated, is unlikely to be beneficial and could worsen outcomes. Further trials of β-agonists in patients with ARDS are unlikely to be conducted. Some questions remain, such as whether or not there may be benefit at a different dose or in specific populations, but any studies investigating these would require a very strong rationale.


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Compared with Conventional Management, transferring adult patients with severe but potentially reversible respiratory failure to a single centre specialising in the treatment of severe respiratory failure for consideration of ECMO significantly increased survival without severe disability. Use of ECMO in this way is likely to be cost-effective when compared with other technologies currently competing for health resources.HARP-2 Trial – Long Term Outcomes

Driving Pressure and Survival in ARDS

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We found that ΔP was the ventilation variable that best stratified risk. Decreases in ΔP owing to changes in ventilator settings were strongly associated with increased survival.

HARP-2 Trial – ARDS longer Term Survival

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Survivors of ARDS continued to have functional impairment and compromised health-related quality of life 2 yr after discharge from the ICU. Health care use and costs after the initial hospitalization were driven by hospital readmissions and inpatient rehabilitation.


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The use of HFOV had no effect on 30-day mortality in adult patients undergoing mechanical ventilation for ARDS and no economic advantage. We suggest that further research into avoiding ventilator-induced lung injury should concentrate on ventilatory strategies other than HFOV.

Proning in ARDS – Mate analysis of the big trials

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Long duration of ventilation in prone position significantly reduces ICU mortality when only ARDS patients are considered.

Statins in ARDS

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Simvastatin therapy, although safe and associated with minimal adverse effects, did not improve clinical outcomes in patients with ARDS.


Ventilation Strategies in ARDS

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