Thoracic & Other Images

Summary of Chest Findings!

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 13.56.09Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 13.56.28


Comet Tail Artefacts 

Comet tail artefacts - LITFL Ultrasound Library.gif
Normal Lung – Small Comet tail seen (Probable small amount of fibrosis / fluid in alveolus)


Hepatised Vs Normal


Normal Lung

Minimal movement but tiny comet tail seen between pleural layers
Normal Lung.gif
Normal lung with sliding visible below the pleural lines – No Pneumo!!

Pleural Effusion

Pl effusion.gif

Pl eff 2.gif

Pl eff 3.gif

Pneumothorax Patterns

Lung Point Case 5 LITFL Ultrasound Clinical Cases.gif
Moving lung on R. with B lines and Pneumo on L. dead still air. Lung point visible too as pleura slides to meet pneumo
Lung Point Case 4 LITFL Ultrasound Clinical Cases.gif
R. of image is no sliding and accentuated A lines. L. shows junction with normal lung and Lung point = pneumo
Lung Point Case 3 LITFL Ultrasound Clinical Cases.gif
Subtle small ant. pneuma – N lung with sliding on L. Pneumo (accentuated A lines) on R obscured intermittently by cardiac pulsation.
Lung Point Case 2 LITFL Ultrasound Clinical Cases.gif
Sliding pleura L. then non sliding on R. meets sliding = Lung point = Pneumothorax
Lung Point Case 1 LITFL Ultrasound Clinical Cases.gif
Double Lung Points seen here
Pneumothorax Case 3 2LITFL Ultrasound Clinical Cases-1.gif
Subtle – loss of comet tails and B lines with accentuated, still  A lines
Long path reverberation artefact - LITFL Ultrasound Library-1.gif
Sliding Lung on L. Pneumothorax on R.
Lung Point in Pneumothorax LITFL Ultrasound Library.gif
Lung Point – Visible on L, where parietal and visceral pleura surfaces In the presence of a pneumothorax the visceral pleura falls away from the parietal pleura. The point at which the two pleural surfaces touch is called the lung point.
Subtle – bright pleural line and minimal slide in-between ribs

Pulmonary Oedema – B Lines

Short path reverberation artefact - LITFL Ultrasound Library.gif


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