Best #FOAMed Finds September 2020!

Welcome in! We are back again….take a look at what we dug up for you!


Our education portal moves from strength to strength.

We talk IV fluid safety with Dr Ashley Miller ICYMI!

NW-POCUS returns!

Yes, our FUSIC course is back and we will announce dates soon. So if you want to get accredited, click here and off you go!

Matt Bigwood’s paper section

Thanks again Matt. Great sifting through some interesting papers / blogs for us again.

Best Blogs!

Too much O2…is a bad thing?

Clinical Question

  • In patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), does conservative vs. liberal oxygen reduce death at 28 days?

Opt in…or out??

The anaesthesia crew take us through the new directive on organ donation here. A great read!

The gift of life

COVID….perhaps not!

Great case report here from the RebelEM crew!

Roids roids roids…for COVID??

Great work by the St Emylns crew analysing the results of the steroid debate in COVID.

And roids again!

REMAP-CAP, CoDEX, & CAPE COVID, beautifully analysed by the RebelEM crew

The Swiss cheese again

Great article here on how this model interplays with provision of EMS


NephroP on VEXuS

Excellent graphical tutorial on what can be a confusing topic. Well done mate!

Don’t be a clot!

A nasty find by the team at South Alabama Medicine!

Zedu do all the work, so we don’t have to!

Excellent resource. Thanks team!

Zedu Ultrasound News - Weekly Wrap

EPSS or bust?

Thanks to Sonospot for this

Bladder US!

Excellent POCUS101 resource yet again! Even a bladder volume calculator included!

Bladder Ultrasound Protocol Featured Image

Catch the Tweetorial here too


Their Tweetorial too

NephroP on Fatty Liver!


Top POCUS Tweets combined!

Thanks to Dan Mirsch for this

NephroP…king of spikey hats (Mitres)!


Top Intrigue


see the Tweets on this too

Top Videos!

An inspiration via Body Language!

Excellent talk by Amy Cuddy on how important this can be!

Urine anion gap

Thanks to Hannah Abrams for this

Top Tweets!

Words of wisdom fro POCUS’ers!

Flood flood flood!

Jedi block tricks!

Amusing stuff from Amit Pawa here.

Som talks about AF

Thanks to Jon Bedford here for all of his valuable insights!

Exercise may be bad…..

Excellent and thought provoking stuff from Chris Gale here

Top Infographics

Cerebellar Syndrome

There are several mnemonics on memorizing signs of Cerebellar Damage.  Here's one out of the | Nursing mnemonics, Neurology, Stroke nursing

Educational snippets…the animated way!!

Brilliant work from Hannah Abrams!

Creative pyelonephritis

Great work as ever as they dose us with educational graphics!

POCUS in 5F’s!

Thanks Hari Kalagara!


Resource of the week!

Convert your POCUS clips!

Check out what clever Ben Smith has enabled now!!

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