IV Fluid Guidance – don’t drown in confusion!

IV fluid policy Written by: Dr Jonny Wilkinson– Consultant in ITU and Anaesthesia and NICE IV Fluid Lead Dr Lisa Yates – Clinical Fellow in ITU Additions from Dr Ashley Miller (@icmteaching).   Legal pre-amble! I would like to point out to everyone before we go any further on here, that the IV fluid guideline discussed... Continue Reading →

Summary of the 2017 Sepsis Guidelines! #FOAMed #FOAMcc #Sepsis

There is a lot to look at here, but these are the main points to take home and to follow. A fair amount of expert work went into these recommendations from some of the biggest names in the field.The original document can be found below. 2017-surviving-sepsis-recommendations A. INITIAL RESUSCITATION 1. Sepsis and septic shock are... Continue Reading →

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