Here, you can download, watch and keep various talks we have delivered, on the subject of IV fluid safety.

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Video lectures

Complete guide to IV fluids – History / (Ab)Normal Saline / The glycocalyx

The paradigm of large volume fluid resuscitation

Fluids or vasopressors?

Fluids in pregnancy

Glycocalyx, capillaries and albumin

Glaucomflecken does fluid prescribing!

The ICS does IV fluids!

This talk was delivered by the 3 founders of T.T.T. Dr Jonny Wilkinson, Dr Justin Kirk-Bailey and Dr Ashley Miller. It went on to become the most popular webinar the ICS delivered that year! Its no surprise really; its a subject bathed in controversy. Watch below…

Fluids or vasopressors?

Ashley Miller discusses basic, fundamental physiology and whether you should squeeze, or reach for a bag!

Peripartum fluid management

Ashley Miller talks us through why you have to be EVEN more careful with IV fluids in pregnancy!

Leak, proteins and that glycocalyx!

Capillary leak, oedema, fluid resuscitation, the glycocalyx, vasopressors and wait for it….albumin. All discussed concisely here by Ashley Miller.

Large volume fluid resuscitation – an oxymoron!

Challenging the age old paradigm that large volume fluid resuscitation improves organ perfusion.

Some light hearted fluid ordering Flecken style!

Hilarious but true insight into this area from our resident comedian Dr Glaucomflecken!

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