IV Fluids & Prescribing Safety

Firstly, this is an area of passion for me. We get this so wrong and so often! On this page, we try to enhance fluid prescription safety and the hope is, we don’t have to spend our time de-resuscitating patients on the ITU due to iatrogenic fluid overload!

All you need to know infographic!

Please download to keep / use to educate everyone on IV fluid safety.


How to guide IV fluid resuscitation safely with POCUS!

Here is the talk I delivered to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Sepsis Day (4/11/2020). A fabulous meet up arranged by Dr Intikhab Zafurallah “Zaf”. It attracted almost 1000 delegates from all over the world and I was very privileged to speak on my passion for POCUS and for IV fluid safety.


One of the best talks on IV fluids out there!

Top presentation from my good friend Dr Ashley Miller @ICMteaching. Watch this, absorb the information and you’ll never prescribe IV fluids dangerously again!! Hopefully!! Many thanks to him.

IV Fluid Prescription Guides

Scan the QR codes to download them. Thanks to Ashley Miller for these

Scan here for maintenance fluid guidance
Scan here for Resus fluid guidance

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