Ultrasound in COVID

Cian McDermott and I take you through all you need as a resource for Lung ultrasound, or indeed any POCUS in COVID-19!

This of course links to our main page on COVID-19 here


Click to see how I have adapted Lichtenstein’s BLUE PROTOCOL to help treat patients!

We have organised this page into several sections

  1. Graphics and clips
  2. Ultrasound accreditation courses
  3. Useful Lung US blogposts
  4. LUS tutorials – upskill quickly with these amazing FOAMed resources
  5. Important papers on LUS in COVID19
  6. Useful Webinars and Links

1.Graphics and clips!

Click in to see various images etc.

Butterfly Gallery

2. Ultrasound Accreditation Courses / pathways


We at FUSIC talk you through loads of vital information to keep you safe and scanning during COVID-19! Click here!




Take the free LUS module here!!


Grab our best images and clips from this collection!

3. Lung US blogposts/collections


Zedu Ultrasound Training Solutions in Melbourne are Australia’s premier POCUS educational facility. They have produced a daily dedicated post on #POCUSforCOVID resources

Core Ultrasound

The all new coreultrasound.com site with Jacob Avila and Mike Mallin featured a 2-part COVID podcast


And here is another one from my co-author, Cian McDermott, talking through lung US!

Core Ultrasound Podcast

Another fantastic podcast from coreultrasound.com featuring @ultrasoundpod crew

POCUS for COVID the Italian Way!

@giovolpicelli is the lung US king of Italy and has first-hand experience of POCUSforCOVID. Listen to him explain how it’s done (key point summary from @ChuckWurster)


Ben Smith’s @UltrasoundJelly UOTW sits at a new home on coreultrasound.com. Read this post and see some first-hand COVID images

MedStudent POCUS

Great site for beginners and advanced users.


Ultrasound at the front door!


4. Lung US tutorials

Check out this awesome screencast series from our friends in Westernsono.ca @westernsono


Dr James Rippey @TheSonoCave is a lung US guru. Check out this awesome resource

Boston show us LUS!

Dr Elke Platz from Brigham and Women’s Hospital tells us all about LUS in COVID19

The FUSIC Way!

Dr Ashley Miller @icmteaching shows you how to scan the lungs

Don’t let Nomenclature confuse you!

Great piece from Susan Pascoe!

Butterfly and ULA tutorials on LUS

5. Lung Ultrasound articles

6. Useful Webinars and links


The ever expanding, versatile probe comes in handy when dealing with your COVID patients. There will be a webinar this week with some familiar faces too! Please sign-up!

We chatted COVID!

GE – LUS door to the floor

I talk through how LUS could be a valuable adjunct to the assesment of the suspected / proven COVID patient with GE.

Intensive Care Society Webinar

5 of us from the FUSIC committee talk you through LUS in COVID with 3 presentations and a chat at the end.

Canadians do COVID US!

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