Manoj’s Sonobytes!

We are please to introduce this section of the site. Manoj Wickramasinghe has become prolific on Twitter with his beautiful US clips! He is a POCUS enthusiast (and a good one!!), and much of what he does is placed into beautiful Tweetorials; everyone from beginner to advanced level can benefit from them.

We have his whole collection here, categorised as far as we can.

What I love about his clips, are that most of his personal ones originate from our great and trusty friend the Butterfly iQ+:


Jump into it!

Whole body ultrasound….the tool for the job!?

General Images

A good day for POCUS in acute medicine!

Fluids and VEXuS



Don’t leave me hanging!

Don’t miss those veggies!

Don’t discount that subcostal…particularly when they’re ventilated!

You clot!

McConnel’s selection!

More to the PLAX!

The walls are out!

Crikey…that’s a beast!

Tricuspid trouble!

Akey, shakey heart!

To PE or not to PE….that’s the question!

Caught the Octopus???

Troponin up up and away!


Apparently the sun never sets here!

Holy chest!


Fit to pop!

Tap it!

A snow storm!

What’s this in the RUQ?

Trouble in the pelvis?

Pesky Gallbladder!

Taking the p**s?!


Lines and Vessels


No pressure!

Blasted caustic antibiotics!

You don’t see it…put on the pressure (gently!)

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