Best #FOAMed finds August 2020

It’s hot, COVID is beginning to tickle the belly of the NHS again…..but what else is going on in Critical Care??

Best Papers!

Matt’s Top Picks!

Matt Bigwood takes us through his top picks of Critical Care Reviews papers. Cheers buddy….

Other papers!

Just get on with it….it’s a pandemic!

Great paper from Simon Carley et al on the rush to sort COVID!

Best Blogs!

Is Colchicine the key to COVID (amongst the many!?)

Clinical Question

  • In patients hospitalised with symptomatic coronavirus disease 2019, does the administration of colchicine improve clinical & laboratory outcomes?

Get that filter started early….or not??

Clinical Question

  • In critically ill patients with severe acute kidney injury, does accelerated initiation of renal replacement therapy compared to standard initiation improve 90 day survival?

A right mouthful!

Culture everything?!

Thanks to Josh Farkas as ever.

Let’s be clear during resuscitation!

More on vitamin C and it’s combo’s!

Thanks Salim!

Bin hydroxychloroquine!

There’s a checklist for everything!

Thanks to Justin Morgenstern!

Get #FOAMed integrated!

Great post from 2016 from Simon Carley.

Best Tweetorials!


What you didn’t know about Furosemide!

The best on knobs and whistles!

Best sites!

See what the criticalcarepractitioner has to say!

The cartoonist continues to deliver!

He now has quizzes!!

Best Infographics + POCUS!

Volume status

Heard of the Taha sign?

You have now….why couldn’t Khalid see the parasternal views?

The evils of IV fluids!

One of the best slides I have seen demonstrating the post infusion physiological effects these solutions / drugs, have!

Tweetorial here too

That old triad!

Great work from @nephrop as ever

Fantastic Echo Crib!

Beware the false IVC!

We hate IVC’s being looked at in isolation! In this example, @nephroP shows us a patient with a massive PE, yet they have a collapsing IVC….or do they?!

ARDS and all you need!

Great work from Mark Ramzy

What the ICS community were up to in COVID

The good old kidney….and drugs!

Thanks to PGmedicine

C-Spine see spine

Great stuff from the radiologist!

Best Videos

Jon Downham explains plateau pressure and ventilation

CVP line advice from Essentials of EM

Hanney Mallemat does CVP’s!

Thanks to Tim Montrief for these links!

Dr Lorell does cardiology Boards

Thanks to @loulectures

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