Life could be so sweet!!! #FOAMed #FOAMcc

Glycaemic control in Critical Care In the ICU world we obsess and quite rightly, on physiology and correcting what is deranged. There is a vast abundance and ever accumulating bank of research out there focussing on the gold standard...morbidity and mortality and how we can reduce it. As a result we have looked at, to... Continue Reading →

O2 or Dex….what worsens the wound?!

See this link to an article in the BJA regarding the use of the, 'loved by all', anti-emetic Dexamethasone. Everyone thinks that the use of hyperbaric O2 helps would healing....the footballer in the hyperbaric chamber phenomenon!! Maybe not.....also, steroid usage is controversial, particularly where wound healing is concerned. Our anti-emetic doses may not be an... Continue Reading →

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