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Dr Matt Bigwood – Peer reviewer, moderator and research editor

Welcome!! I hope this page will form a single resource, as up to date as possible, on everything to do with the topic that has hit us all so hard…Coronavirus!

There is a lot out there and you can spend hours getting lost on the web, reading news stories and hearing one thing, then another contradicting the first! So, take some time to have a flick through what I have put together. More to come and updated regularly.

There are guidelines, infographics, papers and downloads. I will also try to collate the information coming through from some of our brilliant regional groups. Many thanks to David Lyness, Jenny Briggs, Paul Groves, Martin Smith, Grace Hoey and many others.

Stay safe, look after your patients AND yourselves.

All the best



So much on here…click the section you want to jump to it!

  1. NGH info pack for staff only (Password Protected)
  2. Useful COVID Calculator
  3. Training Video on COVID and what its is, myths, realities etc!
  4. Our COVID resource pack, loads of brilliant guides, SOP,s etc
  5. Latest evidence / papers on everything COVID
  6. Lung Ultrasound and POCUS
  7. COVID Twitter Feed
  8. Official guidance
  9. Personal experiences of COVID
  10. Infographics
  11. Statistics
  12. Patient Information
  13. The Situation unfolding around the world
  14. Downloadable powerpoint compilations on various aspects of COVID
  15. ECMO referral pathway
  16. Radiology information
  17. Blogs on COVID
  18. Videos on COVID
  19. Well being
  20. Tweetorials on COVID
  21. CPAP mask
  22. Top Resources

1. Information Pack for NGH staff only

Click below to access and use your code mailed to you!

Please click the NGH Logo to access the folders
Catch our personal thanks to our staff in the “Well being” folder within the link above!

Let’s kick this off with our graphic on COVID-19

Screenshot 2020-03-08 at 08.12.00

 A footnote to this graphic

When written, during the first wave, this contained the information we knew. The advent of the RECOVERY trial has highlighted the use of Dexamethasone once patients are on supplemental O2. SO the statement regarding not using them is false.

2. All the calculations you will need!

Thanks to MDCalc!



3. Socially Isolated, can’t congregate in masses to be trained??

Here is my full talk. Myth-busting, the virus, how we can cope together and well-being. Access it, use it and teach with it. I hope it helps you all?



4. Our COVID Resource Pack!

Please download it here. We have sourced resources for you all to take and use, learn from, teach with etc and it will grow daily! Please take advantage of it. Much of it is written by us as we discover more about new evidence, what works, what doesn’t etc. Watch this space and keep a check on new stuff coming in.



5. Here is all the evidence!!

Matt Bigwood has been manning the research scanning…he is keeping the list, you can find here, as up to date as possible! Please click in!

Check out Crit Care Reviews Database

Could this be the key???

Justin Kirk Bailey et al discuss what could be a key measure in prophylaxis?? See what you think.



6. Lung Ultrasound hits the big time!

We are building a page all about it for you all here. Edited by myself and Cian McDermott. Click the pic to get you to the page!

Yale’s COVID Diary!

As below, my good friend Yale Tung Chen contracted COVID and made it through the other side….with a full ultrasound diary. With his kind permission, I made the lot into a graphic. Thank you Yale and we are so glad you got through it and are, “back in the trenches”, as he said.

7. The Twitter feed #COVID19

Image result for #covid19


8. Official guidance

Multiple College Guidance

UK Intensive Care society

UK Government and Department of Health

Screenshot 2020-03-07 at 23.20.40





9. What are the experiences of others with COVID-19?

10. Public Infographics and information

Here is just a subset of many of the images freely available on the internet. Not all are 100% accurate, but considering much of this is cloaked in hysteria worldwide, it isn’t surprising there is so much out there!


Check out Grepmed’s Graphics


Nice resource for free COVID posters here!

11. Love the stats…see this here!!


12. Information for patients!

A brilliant video set below



13. The Live Worldwide Situation 

Click below to see what is developing and where!






14. Covo-Compilations!!


Click for clinical management graphics!


Click here for graphics on the virus itself!


Click here for Lessons Learned graphics!



15. ECMO referral

The Brompton has an excellent site for ECMO referral. The ‘how-to refer’ section is what I am pointing to here. Please see this as a guide and DO NOT REFER ALL PATIENTS HERE IN THE UK. There are other local centres, find yours.

Work out your patient’s RESP Score before ECMO referral


16. Radiology resources

Italian Society of Radiology

Check out the Italian Society of Radiology COVID database.



17. Best blogs on the topic


Please go to our sister site and see what Dave Lyness has been up to with COVID-19. We share info, resources and infographics and Dave is ‘on it’, with the lot!


Screenshot 2020-03-07 at 20.58.29







Screenshot 2020-03-07 at 21.04.52



Screenshot 2020-03-07 at 21.23.44

Screenshot 2020-03-07 at 21.21.26



Screenshot 2020-03-07 at 21.29.07


Anaesthesia Blog



Pharm So Hard Blog





18. Video Resources

JW’s Coronavirus playlist

Click the arrow submenu to see the list of video resources. Click on the play symbol top right to scroll through the playlist.

We talk all about COVID with Butterfly!

A panel of great friends and great discussion…see for yourself!

Dr Yale Tung Chen talks about his unique COVID 19 experience!!

He is a great friend and fellow Butterfly user. We cannot thank him enough for what he has done, both from the angle of selflessness and for the fact he has put himself on the line to get information out to us, free of nonsense. Yale contracted COVID 19 and tells us first hand what he has been going through, with lung ultrasound in a daily diary too! His twitter feed can be found here.

David Lyness talks about the virus!

Listen to David Lyness and his excellent analysis and presentation of the situation so far, all about the virus and what the future may hold…

Donning and doffing PPE


There is a lot of evidence emerging regarding the COVID19 patient with ARDS, that proning really can be of benefit. Here are some resources on this….perhaps we all need to become well versed in the technique? Click the top-right menu again to play the videos and pick which is easiest for you…


Check out this video on the sneeze!!

You can see why this virus gets around!! 🦠

This is even more harrowing!

Thinking CC!

COVID-19 – Respiratory Management: A Physiological Approach Webinar from @ThinkingCC / CCUS Institute on Vimeo.

 19. Well Being for Staff

Thanks so much Shaan, keeping us up to date!


Anxiolysis through Medical Hypnosis!

Dr Paul Slater takes us through relaxation techniques and Anxiolysis (without Midazolam!)

20. Tweetorials

Myself on ACE-i in COVID-19

Dave Lyness

See David’s Tweetorials here.

Screenshot 2020-03-07 at 21.09.47

Aoife Abbey

Aoife talks us through Corona here

Screenshot 2020-03-07 at 11.59.52

Miguel Galan de Juana tells us how they coped


21. 3D print a CPAP mask?

So this looks legit enough, and there may be a time where there is little else you can do! We hope not, but this is worth a look!


22. Top Resources

Portsmouth’s DropBox resource!!

Brilliant stuff!

Buckinghamshire Trust Guidelines

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  2. Fantastic resource and v comprehensive. Could I share it with the doctors we are trying to upskill please

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