Can you do an entire Awake Regional Anaesthesia list with a Butterfly?!

So folks, another good day with the Butterfly Probe!

Today I took on my usual Friday Upper Limb regional anaesthesia list….with just my trusty iQ! Was it possible to use it for awake blocks? Watch the video to find out more!!

As an aside, I explained to each patient about the probe and what it could do! They all actually held it, took a look and were bemused!! One asked for his block video to be sent to him so he could show people!! They were all consented and agreed for their images to be used for educational purposes.

The biggest question was….”How much is that thing”…to which I replied….”less than £2000″. They thought I was having them on!

Thank you to all of the patients who allowed me to post this and share their block images today. Another good day!!

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  1. Dear Dr. Wilkinson,

    Great post. Thanks for sharing. Does out of plane visualisation work as well? How and Where did you obtain the probe? Is it on sale in the UK yet? How does it perform for deep blocks?



  2. I’m really interested in getting some of these for our department. Does it works that everybody has the software on their phone and the app then just recognises the probe when plugged in or is each probe paired only with one phone?

    1. The device is specific to you / an establishment, so you can’t interchange between devices without each being logged into separately. So, I can use it on my iPad / iPhone and swap easily between them. But, I wouldn’t be able to lend my device to a 3rd party for them to use unless they log in as me. Hope that helps.

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