The Butterfly iQ – Video!

Watch my first impression of this all in one probe….and it’s mine…all mine!!

Sorry about that….got a tad carried away!! This review comes as rapidly as I could…pretty much with minimal gel available and straight out of the box…under suboptimal scanning conditions!! The kitchen……!!


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  1. Hi Jonny… I work as an anaesthetist and am considering getting a butterfly IQ . I had my own. Turbo Sonosite but it died after 12 years use. I am interested in your assessment of the IQ for cardiac ( I just want to eyeball gross pathology), gastric,,, can you tell is the stomach is full, lung ultra sound , and nerve blocks. I don’t expect the image quality that a $50,000 machine can give . However I think I would use an Butterfly IQ more because of its portability.
    Cheers Jeremy

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