Battle of the Portables – VScan SL by GE Healthcare

We’ve been busy again to bring you the fastest review of GE’s new offering. The VScan SL probe is due to be released and we were lucky enough to get our hands on this fab device. Was it as good as its sister device, the VSCan Air? Take a look at our 3-person review.

  • Dr Ashley Miller (@icmteaching) – Consultant Intensivist from Shrewsbury, UK. FUSIC chairman and BSE-accredited POCUS legend! My Co-editor at Crit Care Northampton.
  • Dr Marcus Peck (@ICUltrasonica) – Consultant Intensivist from Hampshire Hospitals, UK. FUSIC chairman and POCUS legend, also co-editor.
  • Myself (@wilkinsonjonny)!

Below is the review….

Time Stamps

00:14 – Intro

00:55 – spec

02:40 – unboxing and booting up

07:35 – Heart

11:16 – Lung

11:56 – Abdomen

12:23 – VExUS

13:54 – Regional Anaesthesia

15:11 – Vascular

15:58 – Marcus Peck’s Review

33:39 – Overall Verdict!

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