The Battle of the Portables – the Vscan Air!

Here, we are excited to bring you our 4 person review of GE’s new wireless portable ultrasound device.

I would like to thank wholeheartedly, some of my great friends and colleagues for taking all of their precious time out to review this device for us all. And what an experience base we have!

  • Dr Ashley Miller (@icmteaching) – Consultant Intensivist from Shrewsbury, UK. FUSIC chairman and BSE accredited POCUS legend! My Co-editor at Crit Care Northampton.
  • Dr Marcus Peck (@ICUltrasonica) – Consultant Intensivist from Frimley Park, UK. FUSIC chairman and POCUS legend!
  • Dr Amit Pawa (@amit_pawa) – Consultant Anaesthetist from Guy’s and St Thomas, UK. Regional anaesthesia expert and President RA-UK.

What did we think and is it worth the cash? Take a look at our video review:


00:59 – Intro

02:36 – Unboxing

05:18 – Charging

06:58 – Setup and App

09:42 – The scans themselves!

22:13 – The Regional Anaesthesia expert’s review (Dr Amit Pawa)

25:52 – The Intensivist’s review (Dr Marcus Peck)

30:36 – The Final Verdict and score!

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  1. Being honest the Clarius looks better in terms of Image quality. Their resolution is far superior than Butterfly and Vscan air and even Lumify. It would be nice benchmark image quality and advanced features, specially for nerve blocks.

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