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Best websites!

Best Meetings!

JAM’s Pick of the Papers

As ever, we recommend you check out Rob MacSweeny and the crews’ fantastic site.

Papers of the month!

Is a post-op visit worth it?!

What about the pre-op conversation!

Loop in!

Delve into TBL archives!

We love TBL, summarising everything you need to know on the big CC trials! Our picks…

In patients with sepsis-induced hypotension does a restrictive fluid strategy (with early vasopressor usage) compared to a liberal fluid strategy result in lower mortality before discharge by day 90?

In patients with severe cardiogenic shock does immediate initiation of VA-ECMO, compared to a trial of conservative therapy and the possibility of rescue VA ECMO, reduce a composite outcome of death, resuscitated cardiac arrest or commencement of another mechanical circulatory support?

Other Papers!

Cath em’ all?!

Does haemodynamic instability indicate blocked coronaries??

It’s ACE-II sort shock!

The debate on Epinephrine again!

To cough, is to spread…

CTA for all DBD patients…

EEG – not just limited to prognostication

What about pancreatitis?

POCUS for the win…in the ED certainly!

O2…what level…we still can’t agree!

Stop the decompensation!

When to extubate?!



Look no further!

To trache…or not to trache?

Not just a headache

Right parasternal view…yup, you heard right!

Blood on the floor…not any more!

Tamponade ahoy!


Treat AKI/cirrhosis…can the probe help?

Here’s one you might not see again!

Look closer!

A little reminder!


Go Subcostal!

Who would have got this diagnosis?


Aortic stenosis

Aortic stenosis

Best #FOAM trawls

Fluid overload!

Shock shock shock!

Cardiorenal conundrums!

Plasticity at its best!

Dermatomes and myotomes!

Arhythmia central!


A new feature here….we post how pioneering medicine hit the limelight. But where did it come from?!

Sorry about this…perhaps this is history though?

Gore galore!

Check out Medicalbag’s fantastic resource!


Check out our new page dedicated to this amazing RA podcast…Jeff Gadsen and Amit Pawa take us cheekily through some RA gems!

Best Websites!

One Pagers!

Nick Mark’s fantastic educational website is right up our street! Visual learning at its best with some fantastic topic choices. If you are using the material, acknowledge him please…all under CC law and free! Don’t be charging now!

Yes – it’s us!

We have featured a colleague’s fantastic infographics on a new page….take a look!

Most Amazing Meetings!

The pick of the bunch!

ICS SOA 2023

SOA23 is coming! Our Intensive Care Society attracts delegates from all over the world. There are speakers/innovations/workshops and of course….POCUS! Book now!!

RA-UK 23

The best regional anaesthesia meeting returns …. this is an absolute must for anaesthetists/students / AHPs and to be honest…anyone! We are collaborating this year too with some announcements….but what??

CCS Manchester

This fantastic meeting returns for another year…18th to be precise! Veerappan and the crew bring internationally renowned speakers to you, relentless work! And …. there’s POCUS as well!

See you soon!

CCN crew!

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