Best #FOAMed Finds Jan 2023!

We are back…missed us?

So, here is a trawl of all that’s hot….nothing that’s not! Enjoy, and follow us if you aren’t already.

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JAM pick of the papers!





Best websites!

Best Meetings!

JAM’s Pick of the Papers

Some of ‘IOHO’ best papers! Many come from the fantastic CCR website….if you haven’t seen it….where have you been!

Paper of the month!

Debated far and wide! What’s your opinion after reading the results of this large trial, trying to answer the burning question…

Delve into TBL archives!

We love TBL, summarising everything you need to know on the big CC trials! Our picks…

Does IV fluid bolusing prevent as much instability during intubation?

Why bother with melatonin?

What sats are we aiming for??!

Other Papers!



NephroP reminds us of the importance of DVT scanning!

See ours here too:

More DVT!

Lung points!

Jonah reminds us… see it, there’s no other diagnosis!

Coronary sinus ahoy!

Get those Views!

And from us!

Is it better!???

Look no further!

All you need, right here from the Zedu crew!

Do you know your anatomy?

Best #FOAM trawls

Harrowing tales

Best Infographics!


Don’t miss those aneurysms!

Remember these!

Cardiac Arrest

What does the lung tell you?


A new feature here….we post how pioneering medicine hit the limelight. But where did it come from?!

The PA Catheter!


My great friend @amitpawa teams up with another legend Jeff Gadsen, to bring us one of the most fun podcasts out there. Regional anaesthesia blinged right up!

Best Websites!

Where there’s guidance, there’s the ICS

As a member of the council, I am very proud of what the ICS stands for and the messages it spreads. Take a look at some of the fantastic guidance published to help keep your patients and each other, safer.

Core Ultrasound

Still one of the best! Check them out, as well as some amazing tools to help you present those star images!

Most Amazing Meetings!

The pick of the bunch!

ICS SOA 2023

SOA23 is coming! Our Intensive Care Society attracts delegates from all over the world. There are speakers/innovations/workshops and of course….POCUS! Book now!!

RA-UK 23

The best regional anaesthesia meeting returns …. this is an absolute must for anaesthetists/students / AHPs and to be honest…anyone! We are collaborating this year too with some announcements….but what??

CCS Manchester

This fantastic meeting returns for another year…18th to be precise! Veerappan and the crew bring internationally renowned speakers to you, relentless work! And …. there’s POCUS as well!

See you soon!

CCN crew!

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