The BHAT: Propranolol after acute myocardial infarction #FOAMed

via The BHAT: Propranolol after acute myocardial infarction [Classics Series] | 2 Minute Medicine

Just thought I’d start to pick out some of these.

If you haven’t checked out 2 minute medicine‘s stuff, you should.

This has to be a dead cert to double check on in any of your patients who have suffered a confirmed infarct. We seem to be obsessed with checking Troponins of late, after a patient has a mild wobble all too often.

The question really is – beta block or not???

We will feature some more of 2MM stuff, as they highlight asome of the godfather trials with sheer brilliance!! Much of it is certainly applicable to ICU.

Not sure propranolol is the one of choice any longer you will see when you dig through the papers, as this was back in the era when flares were in!!

Have a good weekend all!!




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