Battle of the Portables – Kosmos!

Here is another in our review series, and one with the most reviews we’ve ever had! 6 clinicians rate the device.

There are 2 detailed reviews from myself and then the fantastic Philipe Rola (he of VExUS fame and top Ultrascoundrel).


We then get overall thoughts from us all (Myself, Philipe Rola, Segun Olusanya, Adrian Wong, Lars Saxhaug and Nick Lim). Thanks so much to all of them!

How did we rate it, should you buy it….what’s it all about??

Before you see the video, there’s the cost:

Probe only on Samsung Android Tablet – IOS in 2022€5K

Kosmos and Torso for Echo, Lung and Abdo inc CW/PW ~ €8.5K

Kosmos, 2 Probes, CW/PW, and Mobile Stand ~ €16K

Thanks to David Thomas from Kosmos for loaning the device for so long…my apologies this took so long too!!

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