Best #FOAMed Finds July 2020

We hope you are all well? Check out our picks of the best out there in the world of FOAM!

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Top Blogs!

See the latest from TBL!! My favourites below!

The Bottom Line

The trial we all talked about!

Clinical Question

  • In hospitalised patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection does dexamethasone in additional to usual care, compared to usual care alone, reduce 28-day mortality?

Halt G.I bleeding now, as well as intracranial

Clinical Question

  • In patients with gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding does high dose tranexamic acid (TXA) when compared to a placebo reduce mortality from GI bleeding?


Clinical Question

  • In people who have high-risk or moderate-risk exposure to someone with confirmed COVID-19 infection, does taking hydroxychloroquine following the exposure compared to placebo reduce the incidence of a new illness compatible with COVID-19?

Do we or don’t we chase Vitamin D?!

Clinical Question

  • In critically ill patients with Vitamin D deficiency and a high risk of death, does early enteral replacement of Vitamin D3 compared with placebo improve survival at 90 days?

Neurocritical care!

Great stuff from Neha Dangayach

Don’t extravasate!

Great tips from Salim Resae and the REBEL crew!

LITFL do dexamethasone!

The RECOVERY Trial….all we hear about, but here, Chris Nixon debates the latest big finding.

Read what Anaesthesia have dug out!

Nice work as ever team…there’s COVID in there too, of course.

Mind the blood gas!

Great basics here from Mind the Bleep!

A flowchart to guide looking at PaO2, acidosis & alkalosis, PaCo2 to work out whether a patient has Type 1 or 2 respiratory failure, metabolic or respiratory acidosis or alkalosis with or without compensation

Top Papers!

Matt Bigwood picks the best of Crit Care Reviews selections!

Please check out Rob’s amazing collection of papers and reviews! Here are our choices this edition!

COVID and silencing!

Interesting work here from Amit Pawa et al.

Best Infographics!


Linda Dykes‘s great graphics

Intra-renal Doppler

NephroP discusses this POCUS modality and how it could assist us.



Grepmed do hyperkalaemia!



Thanks to PG Resident


Chest Tubes

Nice work from Nick Mark!


Acid-Base Disorders!

Well explained here!


Shock explained

Thanks to Medical Vision 5


Euglycaemic DKA!

Thanks to @EM_Bolus


Abdominal pain!

More great work from Sketchbook MD!



Thanks to Nepsim for this



Chemical Warfare!

A great one on nerve agents for @EMSPACECAST


Hepatic flows….again!

Great work from Mourad Senussi!!


Makes so much sense from Mark!

Pressure/volume and POCUS!

Excellent tweetorial on the subject here! Thanks Aman!

What a difference a mask makes!

Singing / talking and sneezing! Look what not wearing a mask could put people at risk from! Great tweetorial from Rich Davis.


NephroP does the portal vein!

Nice work buddy!

Check out my version of this here

More on this here

Check out the POCUSHub!

Magic stuff from GE Healthcare!

Until next time

JW & MB 9/7/2020

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