Massive Updates! #FOAMed #FOAMcc #POCUS

We have been at it again…as it were! Huge menu updates and more…

  1. Quick Anatomy tutorials – courtesy of a fabulous medical illustrator on Youtube.
  2. Quick Physiology section 
  3. Medical conditions section
  4. ECG tutorial section
  5. More within the FICE echo section – including acquisition and pathology library
  6. Updated medical calculators

Soon to be popped in…

  1. Upcoming section on ventilation modes
  2. Upcoming medical emergencies section
  3. More blogs in the writing!
  4. Hot papers section to come
  5. Update on ICU emergencies section
  6. Updates in ICU drug formulary section

I would like to emphasise that much of what you see as far as videos are concerned, are well sifted and interesting topics by other skilled and clever people. Please look at some of their other stuff as homage to the time they have spent putting them out there.

As I said….masses more to follow.

Have a great Xmas!


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