A controversy that still exists is whether or whether not to perform a routine CXR post UN-COMPLICATED per Trache.

It is my practice not to, IF the procedure was straightforward (Done under direct bronchoscope guidance). Granted, if there are issues like difficulty gaining access to the trachea with multiple passes, desaturation or difficulty ventilating during, I will get the radiographers up.

My colleagues state that they all perform one as a routine to exclude pneumothoraces, false tracts etc…but it is my argument that under straightforward direct vision, the yield on CXR will be nigh on zero. But…in their defence, it is easy to do and I guess has a low radiation dose, but soon cumulates on the sick irradiated ICU patient!

See these surveys and abstracts and please comment….

Survey done from Birmingham into generic practice

Nice canadian article on traches

Article from the ever litigious USA!