There are many reasons for a raised lactate. Identify the cause and then you will know if you need to do anything about it. Hint - it's usually not IV fluids. Lactate-CCNDownload


Hypernatraemia is an independent predictor of mortality. DOI: 10.1093/ndt/gfm831. It is completely avoidable. This downloadable 1 page guide outlines causes, diagnosis and treatment. Hypernatraemia-guidelineDownload

IV Fluid Guidance – don’t drown in confusion!

IV fluid policy Written by: Dr Jonny Wilkinson– Consultant in ITU and Anaesthesia and NICE IV Fluid Lead Dr Lisa Yates – Clinical Fellow in ITU Additions from Dr Ashley Miller (@icmteaching). Legal pre-amble! I would like to point out to everyone before we go any further on here, that the IV fluid guideline discussed below... Continue Reading →

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