Is the literature inconclusive about the harm from HES? We think….Yes!

A recent editorial discusses the thorny issue of fluid resuscitation. Notably, there is still no consensus about the major aspects of fluid resuscitation. It's the usual rigmarole we clarity about when to start and stop fluids, how to guide them or even how much to give. The bulk of the research has been focused on comparing... Continue Reading →

Do we go for ‘Goal’ or do we follow our instincts??…EGDT; the news

So we awaited the results of the proMISe Trial with baited breath and we have seen the results of ARISE / proCESS. The news from this was expected to perhaps be different, would the wheel be re-invented....or not?! The answer was unsurprising in the end. EGDT does not appear to alter overall 90 day mortality. What did the previous 2... Continue Reading →

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