BNP elevated – what now!??

Your patient is sitting in front of you about to undergo major surgery. You get a 'sniff', that they may have heart failure in their background history and you want reassurance that they are safe to undergo the procedure. Then, you see the BNP level in the blood profile, it's elevated....what now?!! What is BNP?... Continue Reading →

P.E – to thrombolyse or not to thrombolyse? #FOAMed #FOAMcc #POCUS

We have chosen to feature this topic (as many blogs have), as there are many grey areas associated with treatment of PE. In the main, these are whether to thrombolyse or not and it takes skill on the risk:benefit front to do the right thing. There are many published guidelines and outcome trials to try... Continue Reading →

Propofol Infusion Syndrome – ICM Case Summaries #FOAMed

via Propofol Infusion Syndrome – ICM Case Summaries This is one to read!! I often wonder about this amongst our patients!! How many go awry, treated as MOF secondary to an unknown cause! Please have a read and thanks to ICM case summaries for this.     This case highlights a number of points: Potential... Continue Reading →

Pulmonary emboli. To thrombolyse or not to thrombolyse…?!!

It's the age old you or don't you, is the outcome better or worse?? Age, morbidity, mortality, recent surgery....does it save lives?? Are you better to admit them to ITU and watch with advanced monitoring and take the gamble... Thrombolysing someone with M.I used to be done at the drop of a hat. But... Continue Reading →

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